Coffee with Gandhi


This is the question I wanted to find an answer for. How a common man, with no super abilities, born in a normal Indian family could be so impactful? What was that in him that made him go through so much struggle for all Indians’ freedom, freedom from suffering. How could he be so selfless? What made him who he became?

Compassion — his strength

Compassion, by definition, is “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Truthfulness — his principle

Truthfulness was the main principle which was deeply rooted in him. His views on truth are deep and spiritual. He said that truth is the synonym of God. He says,

Tolerance and non-violence — his philosophy

In his protest speech in South-Africa he says :


It was the time when discrimination was at its peak. Discrimination between blacks and whites, between touchable and untouchables. Many religions. Non-tolerance towards other religions. He not only has seen that in more than one country but also has experienced it.

Simplicity and minimalism — his life-style

Today we all live a life which is far from being simple or minimalistic. We all do have things which are not absolutely necessary. We schedule a lot of activities in a single day. We consume a lot of information than what is needed. We eat food that far from natural and simple — processed.



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